Todos Mis Muertos nominated as Folklore of the year for the Swedish Grammis!

This album dedicated to my loved ones and to  IKU (Oricha from Cuba) is happily nominated since yesterday March 7 by IFPI for the Swedish Grammis Awards!!

Very grateful for this and humbly grateful to those who participate in it

Liliana Zavala TRIO:
Marian Pellegrino (fans page): guitars and choirs
Lisa Löwgren Madeiran bass and double bass
Liliana Zavala Zavala: Soloist, percussion and choirs.

Ale Möller: Various flutes (Gabi)
Barrionuevo Rally: Song (Gabi)
Rubem Farias: bass (Adios Nonina)
Rostam Mirlashari : Song (Boar Hunter)
Fredrik Gille: Cajon (Cazador de Jabalies)
Lorena Ramirez: Soloist in Rosi.
Vasily percussion : Chicho Bazan, Ramiro De la Riva, Esteban Gutierrez and Ruben Gil on backing vocals (Amigo Titi)

Album cover: Fredrik Gille Photography

We record with
Iñaki Marconi @ Gröndahls Studios in Stockholm.

Jarkko Heiniö @Vipp med Rumpan affär studio, in Stockholm

Turi Burgio @Estudio Ana Carolina, Cordoba Argentina

Natalie Knutzen @El Sol y La Luna Music, Stockholm.

Dani Kogan Studio, Cordoba Argentina

Mix Jarkko Heiniö & Liliana Zavala
Master: Claes Persson
Music producer: Liliana Zavala
Label: Libelula Music

With the support of the Swedish Arts Council.

Photo: Fredrik Gille

Drum Retreat in Patagonia!

In February I was once again part of Tamboreras, the project that we created with my colleague Vivi Pozzebon 12 years ago in Cordoba, Argentina.

Six days of workshops of human and musical quality given by:
Luna Monti with collective songs, Viviana Pozzebon and Liliana Zavala on Cuban percussion and sharing their experiences in music, Guada Sosa on sign percussion and Anahi Rayen Mariluan with Mapuche singing.

In addition, two shows were offered the last two nights with local artists and the workshop artists themselves.

Organized by Office of Artists (Viviana Pozzebon, Karol Zingalli and Betiana Vasallo)

The participation of Liliana Zavala is possible with the support of The Swedish ArtsCouncil.

Manifestgalan 2023!

The organization SOM (Swedish Independent Producers) have nominated me as artist of the year in the Rhythm category with my own label

Libelula Music!!
What an honor and how happy I am!
Thanks for the attention!

They say:

SOM (Swedish Independent Music Producers) now presents the list of the nominees for
Manifest Gala 2023. Manifest is the music award that recognizes and rewards artists and
recordings released by independent record companies, and is the year's big event in indie music Sweden.

The jury groups of almost 150 people have together listened through and judged a total of 480
album productions and 232 music videos - proof as good as anything that the independent scene is alive and well thrive to the highest degree!

The members of the jury consist of journalists, organizers and other people who at
different ways are active in the music industry.

On January 31, 2003, the very first edition of the Manifest Gala took place at Kulturhuset in Stockholm.

2023 The Manifest Gala celebrates its 20th anniversary.

February 23rd is the date and place this time, for the first time in the history of the Manifest Gala is Pustervik in Gothenburg.
SOM's board through chairman Eva Karman Reinhold:
"After two years of digital galas and restrictions, it feels fantastic to finally get to gather Sweden's
independent companies and their artists live again. The number of notified publications is more than ever, and the jury really did an outstanding job.

We are very much looking forward to celebrating Manifestgala's 20th anniversary live
together at Pustervik.”

The nominees here.

Photo: Fredrik Gille

In connection with the gala, an ambitious seminar program is also presented where SOM's member companies
discusses independent publishing's current situation and future with both domestic and
international guests.
Over the years, the manifesto gala has been a breeding ground for great artistry.

Here artists like Timbuktu, Marit Bergman, José González, The Knife, First Aid Kit, Ghost, Cherrie and Sarah Klang won prizes early in their

Here, hundreds of Swedish productions from both narrow and broad genres have had an opportunity to are highlighted, entered into a creative and inspired Swedish musical life.
The number of categories has varied over the years, to reflect changes at SOM's member companies and at the music scene in general.

As recently as last year, two new categories were presented: Soul/R&B and Label of the Year.

Sången om mig!

About the projekt here

For me this projekt meant the opportunity to rethink my roots and the history of the original peoples once again.

As well as the privilege of being able to compose new music. The gratitude is immense, 

Thanks Scenkonst Sörmland!

Today we play our last concert in 

 Koordinaten, Oxelösund 19.30 hs!

Release of Todos Mis Muertos in Stockholm!


Todos Mis Muertos was presented in Stockholm at Alias Teatern on 5/11/22 with this incredible team on stage (as you see in the photo) plus many others behind the scenes.
Grateful and emotionally rich!
From left to right:
Rubem Farias (bass and backing vocals), Karolina Höglin(percussion, choirs and dance) Deidre Palacios (half hidden, percussion, choirs and dance), Livia Bensson (percussion, choirs and dance), Daniel Reid (saxophone), Lili Zavala (Soloist , percussion, compositions and director of the show), Carolina Oviedo (percussion, choirs and dance), Natalie Knutzen (Soloist in Rosi and choirs), Love Norman (percu, choirs and dance) and Homero Alvarez (guitars and choirs).

Sound: Pedro Martinez
Lighting: Tanjas
Riding Technician Pedro Martinez, Ramin Yousefi and Teatro Alias
Venue: Alias Theater
Producers of the show in collaboration: Teatro Alias and Libelula Music with the support of the Cultural Council (Swedish Arts Council)

You can listen to the album on Spotify here!

If you don't have Spotify you can listen to it on Youtube here!

Label Libelula Music
Produced by my Liliana Zavala with the support of


Si!! I have the honor to receive this eminent Skap award2022 in World Music with this justification:
Liliana Zavala
“She comes from Argentina and lives in Sweden. But she gets her inspiration from all over the world. The producer, singer, composer and percussionist Liliana Zavala gives the concept of border crossing a face. One of the most innovative and norm-breaking creative forces of the modern Swedish folk scene."

Thansk  a lot SKAP!

Thank you very much family and friends who always support me!

And above all THANK YOU very much to you who listen!

(About SKAP:

The association’s purpose is to strengthen copyright and thereby improve music creators’ income opportunities as well as their artistic freedom of expression)


Presentation of Todos Mis Muertos in Cordoba!

Ready y Feliz!

Todos Mis Muertos was presented in Cordoba at Pez Volcan on  17/07/22 with this incredible team on stage (as you see in the photo) plus many others behind the scenes.

Forever friends who have even met my dear dead.

Thankful forever!

From left to right:

Vivi Pozzebon (guest in Cazador and percussion, choirs in Iku), Maxi Bressanini (bass), Chicho Bazan (percussion in Amigo Titi) Ramiro De la Riva  (Bas drum in Amigo Titi), Rubem Gil (choirs in Amigo Titi), Esteban Gutierrez (choirs in Amigo Titi),Gala Grossman (Viola & choirs), Marian Pellegrino my co-author of several of the songs (gitarrs & choirs), Lili Zavala (Soloist , percussion, compositions and director of the show) and Lorena Ramirez (Soloist in Rosi & choirs).

Sound: Fede Flores
Riding percussion instruments Esteban Gutierrez & Liliana Zavala.
Venue: Pez Volcan 
Producers of the show in collaboration: Libelula Music.


You can listen to the album on Spotify here!

If you don't have Spotify you can listen to it on Youtube here!

Label Libelula Music
Produced by my Liliana Zavala with the support of

Foto Fernando Velez


It is the Shakespearean play that we are presenting at the Gävleborg Folk Theater in Sweden from September 29 to January 30, 2022.

Foto: Thomas van der Kaaij

With this XENO MANIA on tour in Sweden!

In October 2021 I had the honor of playing with this Xenomania by the musician Ale Möller on a tour of Sweden.
Which had a very good reception from the public. Very grateful to reconnect with the public live after this time of pandemic!


In December 2019 we spent 3 creative days in the Kingside studio on the outskirts of Stockholm and we recorded the beautiful compositions of Ale Möller!

Now the good reviews fall like blessed droplets from the sky!

Here I have the honor of having recorded part of the percussion with my colleague Robin Cochrane and also some voices.
The album is called Xeno Manía, Taste of the unknown and you can buy it at, you can also click on the photo and watch the Swedish TV program where Ale tells us more about him and this album.


Also on March 12 we played with my sisters from Beat Company our first livestreaming on Stallet, click on the photo and there you see it!

Foto: Fredrik Gille


In February we recorded with the band led by Robin Svensson on the island of Mörkö in Sweden, this fantastic television program where we accompanied great artists of Persian music in the world in a production of MBC Persia.